Still Searching for ‘’

Are you still searching for ‘’ when trying to access government services and information, like HMRC? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Many people have searches saved, or are just in the habit of keying the domain but it has actually changed to So if you are looking for the former information and services, you can now find them at:

Areas of particular importance for those of you seeking ‘financial advice’ related information, are as follows:

MoneyForce former pages on MoneyForce can now be found at: For those of you who are unfamiliar with MoneyForce, it is a site for that provides financial advice for serving personnel and their families.

Tax former pages on Tax can now be found at: The pages include the governmental write-ups on Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax Planning, VAT and interestingly… dealing with HMRC. (It’s ok, we’ve checked and the latter is largely about disagreements you might have with HMRC, or over tax decisions!)

Pensions former pages on Pensions can now be found at: Please note that the link takes you to a section entitled ‘Working, jobs and pensions.’ You then have to either scroll through the massive list to find what you want by chance, or use the search function to pinpoint an exact match. So, obviously we recommend the search!

We hope you found this brief post pointing out the change from to helpful! We always aim to make life easier where we can, so please do remember us if you would like some unbiased, professional advice. We’re always happy to take your call on 01243 767 469. Alternatively, you are very welcome to email us from our Contact page¬†and a member of our team will be in touch!