Luxury or Necessity – IFAs in a Crisis:

Luxury or Necessity - IFAs in a Crisis: When a crisis hits, there’s no denying the first thought many of us will have is where to cut costs.  We swiftly set about sorting our expenses into luxury or necessity. So, where exactly does your Financial Planner sit on...

luxury or necessity

Markets Cool – US/China Heats Up

Markets Cool - US/China Heats Up: In last week's news overview, the cold war between the US and China got a few degrees hotter. The imposition of new security laws on Hong Kong by China has eroded the territory’s independence. It also looks set to end the ‘one...

news overview

Video Conferencing – Lessons from a Crisis

Video Conferencing - Lessons from a Crisis: It’s amazing, isn’t it? In a crisis, we suddenly find ways to embrace new things. This has certainly been true of technology during the coronavirus. Our clients have astonished us with just how readily they have adapted...

video conferencing
Savings & Investments

Pick a Letter, Any Letter

Pick a Letter, Any Letter: “Give me an L, give me a U, give me a W, give me a V!” “What do you get? A terribly mangled illustration for the path to economic recovery!” Whether you think we are in store for a V, W, U, T or L-shaped recovery, the alphabet soup of...

recovery scenario

UK Gilts Go Negative

UK Gilts Go Negative: Last week we saw some worrying news from the bond market as UK gilts went negative. Effectively investors would rather pay the government to hold on to their cash than take their chances with private businesses. This is a sign of extremely low...

UK gilts
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