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Working Week Financial News – Markets Amplify Global Headwinds

MARKETS AMPLIFY GLOBAL HEADWINDS Working Week Financial Update: 12th - 16th August This week was another eventful one for global markets. They fell at the start of the week on news that Trump was going to ramp up his trade war with China. They then rose when he...

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No-Deal Brexit – Who Will Do the Dishes?

No-Deal Brexit - Who Will Do the Dishes? Market Update - July With the introduction of Boris as the new Prime Minister, and a no-deal Brexit on the horizon, July was never going to be the quietest month! Sweeping into 10 Downing Street on a wave of promises to...

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Working Week Financial News – Did the Fed Cut Interest Rates Too Soon?

DID THE FED'S INTEREST RATE CUTS COME TOO SOON? Working Week Financial Update: 29th July - 2nd August What an unprecedented week this has been! There have been positive US payroll numbers, strong corporate earnings, and modest growth. When the outlook is healthy,...

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