Making Dreams Come True:

As you’ll all be aware, we launched our Corporate and Social Responsibility goals last year. These see us strive, as a team, to exact some good in our local communities throughout the year. To say it has been a more difficult year than most, is probably quite an understatement. No one will have been immune to the effects of Covid-19, which have surged far beyond the physical. Nonetheless, we have tried our best to help where we can. So, whether it be inducting our clients into the world of Zoom, making flannel animals for poorly children, or buying Easter eggs for the NHS, we’ve tried to be there in whatever small ways we can. And it is with abject delight that we can now tell you about our Christmas community initiative. This, we are humbly calling ‘making dreams come true.’

We have joined with the Rotary Club of Chichester Harbour to provide toys to local children in the community who might otherwise go without this year. Tasked with targeting children ages 6-12, we had quite a broad spectrum of toys to look out for. And hopefully, we have done the local children justice. We have assembled a host of footballs, basketballs, national geographic compasses, Frozen dolls (Elsa, Anna – and even Olaf made an appearance!), Buzz Light Years, Spider Man and even Scabbers the Rat from Harry Potter. These are to name just a few amongst the torrent of sweets and confectionary we also managed to secure.

So, without much further ado – here are some pictures of the dreams we will be sending out to the local community (and don’t worry – we made sure the basket balls and footballs all came with pumps!!!).



making small dreams come true

Written by Steve Burns

Steve is a chartered financial planner who has been with Lewis Brownlee for over 20 years, who now heads up Lewis Brownlee Financial Services. Under his directorship, the firm has established itself as a specialist provider of professional, informed and impartial advice.