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Through the looking glass…

You know you need financial advice and have heard the term ‘independent financial adviser’ bandied around.  It’s probably what you entered into the search engine that landed you on our site. But how does an ‘Independent Financial Adviser’ differ from just a plain old ‘Financial Adviser?’ And more importantly… what’s the difference in the advice they can offer you?

Well, firstly, the term ‘financial adviser’ is a bit of an umbrella phrase for the different types of financial adviser out there. The term ‘Independent Financial Adviser’ (commonly abbreviated to just IFA) simply refers to one of the types that sit under that umbrella.


So… what makes an ‘Independent Financial Adviser’ independent?

The ‘Independent’ prefix simply refers to the way we (as IFAs) operate. We are not ‘tied’ to specifically recommending products offered by any one firm. Instead, we are free to provide advice on all available products across the market. This means that we have no self-serving interest in the products or procider we recommend. We simply select what is right for you and your own personal circumstance.

Our focus is solely on choosing the best products out there for ‘you.’ As such, you can (and should!) expect truly unbiased advice from an Independent Financial Adviser that you might not necessarily get elsewhere.

Independent Financial Advisers
– the nuts and bolts…

As Independent Financial Advisers, it’s our job to:
  • establish what your current situation is.
  • define your financial goals.
  • work out how to help you get there.
  • keep you on track!
This means you will need a trusting relationship with your adviser. You will
also need to be prepared to put your finances under the microscope to build up a realistic profile. This will allow your Independent Financial Adviser to draw
up the best possible plan for ‘you.’

The financial plan itself is nothing to
fear. Most Independent financial
advisers (like us!) will be happy to walk you through step-by-step. If you choose us, you can expect your plan to be in simple and easy-to-understand language. Your plan will simply lay out your goals and how best you can go about achieving them.

If you would like more information on our independent financial planning process
(especially designed with ‘you’ in mind), please do see our Process page!




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