Forces MoneyPlan – Giving Back to Our Armed Forces:

As part of our ‘Corporate and Social Responsibility Programme,’ we are
pleased to participate in the Forces MoneyPlan program.


Like many people, we are committed to supporting injured and recovering service personnel and veterans. So, we are keen to do whatever we can to help. And, as financial advisers, Forces MoneyPlan allows us to do precisely that!

Under the scheme, we are able to provide financial guidance to help Serving and ex-Service personnel (and their families and dependents) manage their money effectively. For some people, this means help managing money through planning, saving, and investing. For others, it might mean help dealing with crises including insurance claims, injury, illness and bereavement. But whatever the ‘financial’ concern, we have the qualification needed to help personnel manage their money effectively.


Forces MoneyPlan was initially launched back on 27th June 2017 to coincide with Armed Forces Day. As many of you will be aware, this offers the British public an opportunity to pay tribute. It’s an important way of showing appreciation for the contributions of currently serving troops, service families, veterans, and cadets. As advisers, we recognised the importance of being a part of this not just one day of the year, but all year round. And that is why we are proud to continue to be part of the scheme.

Our Managing Director, Steve Burns, sums it up perfectly: ‘Being located so close to the home of the Royal Navy, we have many clients and staff linked to the services. Our armed forces make an incredible contribution to our country’s safety and security, and it is only right that we offer them our support in times of need. We are keen to give something back to the community, and through Forces MoneyPlan, we can offer our gratitude to those who have distinguished themselves in our armed services.’


If you’d like to know more about the initiative and how we can help, please call us on 01243 767469. Alternatively, you can email us from ourĀ contact page, and an adviser will be in touch!