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Ethical and Sustainable Investing
Sustainable Investing

Ethical. Responsible. Standing by what's right.
Ethical. Responsible.
Standing by what's right.

Ethical and Sustainable Investing


At Lewis Brownlee, our interpretation of what constitutes ‘ethical and sustainable investing’ sets us apart from the crowd. To us, it is about more than just having in place a couple of funds for our clients’ to invest in should they mention the topic. It’s about us actively seeking to make the world a better place through raising awareness and ‘walking the talk’.

We’re doing this by helping the local community, lowering our energy usage, engaging in charitable fundraising and cutting paper usage to name just a few.

In addition, we actively speak to our clients about our ‘responsibly managed’ portfolios and how they can make a change to do good with their money.


Responsibly Managed Portfolios

Ethical investing, sustainable investing, green investing – these terms are used interchangeably in the industry. But it’s not always clear what these labels actually mean for your investments.

We have chosen to call our portfolios ‘Responsibly-Managed’, as each individual’s definition of ethical investment varies.

We feel it’s an overarching term that covers a spectrum of investment strategies that aim to deliver a positive effect from investing.

Our own process includes:

impact investing

Impact Investing

Pioneers intend to have a positive contribution on society.

negative screening

Negative Screening

This excludes controversial investments, such as armaments, tobacco, animal testing & alcohol.

positive screening

Positive Screening

This relates to a company’s commitment to providing a more sustainable future by advocating positive change.



Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors measure a company’s social conscience in their industry.

As you can see, there is a robust methodology in place to make sure those funds included remain committed to the importance of ethical investing. As a business, we believe that for us to ignore the opportunities arising from this movement is a failure not only to our clients but society in general.

To find out the difference we are making, please do check out our
Corporate and Social Responsibility page.

Plant a tree to save an Orangutan

We like to do our bit to be ‘ethically responsible.’ So, we ardently strive to encourage others to do likewise. That’s why, for every new client who invests in our Responsibly Managed Portfolios, we will plant 10 trees to save an orangutan in the Sumatran Rainforest.

Thousands of hectares of orangutan habitat have been destroyed in recent years in favour of farmland or other developments. We fully support the Sumatran Orangutan Society’s work to target the root cause of deforestation; and to see the breathtaking biodiversity of the last standing Sumatran Rainforest preserved for generations to come!


Would you like more information on our ethical financial advisers and our independent financial planning process? If so, please do see our Process page!

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