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Our Corporate & Social Responsibility
Pulling together. Making a difference.

Community Support
Pulling together. Making a difference.

A positive impact on the world

 At Lewis Brownlee Financial Services, we are proud to take our corporate and social responsibility extremely seriously.

We have each committed to act in a way that is beneficial to our fellow staff members, our clients, the environment, and the local community. It’s an internal promise to conduct ourselves and the business in a responsible and ethical way.

To us, it’s not just about having a couple of paragraphs on our website to sound good. It’s about actively and consciously making a positive impact on the world.





Being part of the community


We believe we have an obligation to support our local community and help others in need. That’s why we are proud to have established a community-focussed initiative where we will look to donate both time and resource to good causes in and around the surrounding area.

As such, our team-building days form an integral part of our charitable giving. We genuinely don’t think there is a better way in which the staff can work together, knowing they are also working to improve others’ lives. We want these days to be purposeful, fun and community-spirited to excite others to follow suit.


Our individual responsibility

All members of the team here at Lewis Brownlee are committed to managing our business and its processes in a way that is mindful of our social, economic and environmental impact.


Little things like promoting ethical investments, conserving energy and using less paper might seem like a small challenge, but they are also ones that can make a huge difference over time.

Our environmental responsibility

At Lewis Brownlee Financial Services, we understand that we all have a part to play in looking after the environment. In particular, we recognise the impact business can have, both positively and negatively.

Environmental responsibility should not be optional. Everybody has a duty to change so that we don’t ruin the world for the generations to come.

So, it is important that we spread the word about responsible investing, as well as being eco-friendly in our internal operations. 

Closer to home, we have goals on energy use, material consumption, and a rigorous in-house recycling programme to separate out paper, plastics, cardboard, batteries, crisp packets, bread wrappers, and aluminium. We have also just recently introduced The Colgate Oral Care Recycling programme.

To cut down on paper, many clients now have their communications delivered securely through our bespoke client portal.

To find out more about our Responsibly Managed Portfolios, please check out
our Ethical and Sustainable Investing Page.

Food bank
Food bank
Food bank
Food bank
Food bank
Different food on wooden background, top view. Donation concept
What we've been doing...

We spent a rewarding day at Chichester Food Bank, helping to make children's lunch packs for the Christmas period. We also made up Christmas bags for Westward House, sorted the warehouse and sent sub-teams out to the supermarkets for much-needed supplies. We were surprised to find out just how many children need help on our doorstep.

While one-off donations are much appreciated, any support that can be given all year round is very much needed. So, if you have any spare time, or (like us now!) add extra items to your weekly shop for the Food Bank, you really will be amazed at the difference you're making so close to home!

Helping at Chichester Food Bank by packing food boxes and sorting the warehouse.

Different food on wooden background, top view. Donation concept
What we've been doing...

We took mince pies, non-alcoholic mulled wine, chocolate, fruit shoots and glow sticks to Midhurst Christmas Street Party to get everyone into the festive spirit.

Our Lewis Brownlee Midhurst office was illuminated in red and green lights for the occasion. We also had a festooned marquee outside to shelter passers-by from any adverse weather conditions.

It was a fantastic event, enjoyed by all. Our Lewis Brownlee Elves particularly enjoyed themselves - they even took to dancing with the public in the main square!

Getting involved with Midhurst Christmas Street Party - handing out mince pies, chocolate, glow-sticks lots of goodwill to help people enjoy the festivities.

Different food on wooden background, top view. Donation concept
What we've been doing...

During lockdown, we launched our '100 smiles' project to secure 100 Easter eggs for the NHS. Our aim was to get them safely transported for distribution amongst the staff and children of Howard's Children's Ward at St Richard's Hospital during those trying times.

With the help of our the wonderful staff at Sainsbury's, Havant, we managed to pull off our challenge. 100 Malteaser Easter eggs were put aside for us, and one of our staff duly collected them and took them to the hospital. We were pleased to hear it gave a much needed morale boost, and did indeed result in 100 smiles!

Striving to ensure 100 smiles by donating and delivering 100 Easter eggs to NHS staff and patients at St Richard's Hospital.

Different food on wooden background, top view. Donation concept
What we've been doing...

Our 'Little Things That Count' project saw us make flannel animals for the children of
St Richard's Hospital, and of Chestnut Tree House Children's Hospice.

We were glad to flex our 'craft' skills - with the team managing to make both chickens and rabbits! We were also delighted to be joined in our initiative by the wonderful staff at both John Lewis, Chichester, and Dunelm, who kindly sourced the materials for us.

It was fantastic to hear how popular the creations were - and a firm reminder to us that a kind gesture, no matter how small, really does count to those going through more trying times than we could begin to imagine!

Making 100 flannel animal chicks and rabbit gifts for the children of Howard's Ward, St Richard's Hospital and Chestnut Tree House Children's Hospice.

Different food on wooden background, top view. Donation concept
What we've been doing...

Our 'Making Dreams Come True' project saw us join with the Rotary Club of Chichester Harbour to buy toys and treats for children in our local community who might otherwise go without.

We were able to find out some of the toys on the absolute 'wish' lists of the children this year, so we were thrilled to be able to include these in our offering.

It is our hope that this small gesture will go a little way towards making some dreams come true in a year unlike no other!

Making 100 flannel animal chicks and rabbit gifts for the children of Howard's Ward, St Richard's Hospital and Chestnut Tree House Children's Hospice.

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Coming together is a Beginning.

Keeping together is Progress.

Working together is success!

If you have any ideas for an initiative that you’d like to see us do, or would like to join us, please do email us from our contact page. We’d love to hear from you!



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