The Investment Process

The Investment Process

We value our independent status and as such our judgement is not clouded by any commercial ties. We have access to extensive research facilities and have developed a number of key investment partnerships, all of which we will draw upon when building a portfolio for you.

Client Focused Approach

The diagram below shows the sequence of decisions used to build a solution that meets your objectives.

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The Investment Process
Our Understanding Appropriate diversification Equities, funds, instruments Ongoing market awareness Tactical movements
Our Understanding
Client Goals and Objectives

This is our start, without a true understanding of what these are its impossible to select the correct investments.

Appropriate diversification
Asset Class Allocation

By getting the asset allocation correct we are able to diversify the portfolio to match each individual clients risk profile.

Equities, funds, instruments
Portfolio Construction and Fund Selection

We utilise our independent status to select best in breed solutions which match the chosen risk profile. This way we know the client is staying in their risk appetite while giving the best chance for higher returns.

Ongoing market awareness
Ongoing Advice and Monitoring

Both Investment Markets and Peoples objectives change day to day, this ongoing management is vital to make sure that you are in the best possible position to hit your goals.

Tactical movements
Tax Wrappers and Platforms

By utilising the correct tax wrapper and investment platform we are able to maximise tax efficiency and have access to the best investment funds.

The value of an investment and the income from it could go down as well as up.