Posted 10 Nov, 2017 | By Chris Page

Trump is finally popular!

What’s the saying? ‘Close, but no cigar’. That’s how it was in October as all but two of the markets we cover rose in the month, with only Brazil and Russia letting the side down. While the stock markets were having a good month, the Brexit talks were having (another) stagnant month. Having been to Florence in late September, Mrs May then went and pressed the flesh in Brussels, but the warm words soon gave way to more bickering about the…

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Posted 23 Oct, 2017 | By Chris Page

It’s not too late

First rule…don’t panic! Neglecting to start your retirement savings until you reach your fifties would not so long ago have been considered leaving matters far too late! Previous generations saw building a pension as something to do over an entire career… Making contributions throughout your working life, coupled with investment growth being the only way to ensure a substantial retirement pot. After all, it is to provide for you throughout your whole retirement. However, whilst compound returns still mean that anything put away at the…

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Posted 09 Oct, 2017 | By Chris Page

We’re still here!

Well, we’re still here. Despite the seemingly best efforts of the leaders of the United States and North Korea. But September was a month of ‘another day, another North Korean rocket’ and it ended with Kim Jong-un threatening to explode a nuclear bomb over the Pacific. Small wonder that South Korea is creating a special military unit with only one aim, which does not bode well for Kim. Meanwhile, central bankers have warned that, well… they seem to have lost…

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Posted 08 Sep, 2017 | By Chris Page

August whipped up!

It is hard to start this blog anywhere other than North Korea – or maybe crouching in Japan (as a North Korean missile passes overhead). At the beginning of the month, Kim Jong-un threatened to bomb Guam, the US territory in the Western Pacific, and by the end of the month air raid sirens were sounding in Japan’s Hokkaido Island. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe described North Korea firing the missile as an “unprecedented” threat to his country. Wall Street’s ‘fear index’…

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