Posted 08 May, 2018 | By Chris Page

Wives and Bromance!

April Bromance… It looked for a long time that the main headline for this market commentary would be the opening salvos in a trade war between China and the USA. The International Monetary Fund published a bullish report on world trade, saying that global growth will hit a 7 year high of 3.9% this year – giving a stark warning at the same time that trade risked being ‘torn apart’ by a protracted trade war. But then came the news…

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Posted 04 Apr, 2018 | By Chris Page

Elections, Negotiations and an empty bottle of Cognac

To say that March was a busy month is a bit of an understatement… Russia went to the polls to elect a new President and, in the least surprising result of the year, Vladimir Putin won another six year term. With the Chinese Communist Party removing the rules limiting Xi Jinping to two terms in office, two of the world’s three superpowers now effectively have presidents for life. North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, jumped on the train and headed to…

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Posted 07 Mar, 2018 | By Chris Page


“The first month of 2018 was a good one for the major stock markets which we cover in this Bulletin. We report on 12 markets and 11 of them made gains in January – in some cases, spectacular gains, which many investors would regard as more than adequate for a full year.” Sadly, February was the exact opposite: 10 of the 12 markets on which we report were down in the month, following a global sell-off at the start of…

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Posted 07 Feb, 2018 | By Chris Page

Defence and Black Pudding!

The first month of 2018 was a good one for the major stock markets which we cover in our commentary. Of the 12 markets we look at 11 of them made gains and some of which were spectacular. But sitting alone on the naughty step was the UK: as we’ll see there was plenty of good news for the UK but, dogged by uncertainties over Brexit, continuing doubts about Theresa May and the collapse of Carillion, the FTSE fell around some 2%…

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