Posted 06 Sep, 2018 | By Chris Page

Virtual Reality

August used to be known as the ‘silly season’. Everyone who made the news was away on holiday, nothing happened and newspapers were desperate to fill their pages. So rather more obscure stories made it into print… That, of course, was before Donald. And Brexit. And Venezuela, Argentina and Greece. And… In short, August is now just another month and this year it saw the world’s two most powerful economies, the USA and China, continuing their trade war as the…

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Posted 07 Aug, 2018 | By Chris Page

Trade Wars: Return of the Donald

On the face of it, the news in July really could not have been much worse! The threat of a trade war between the US and China simmered throughout the month, and then on 31st July President Trump ramped up the tension with proposals of a 25% tariff on $200bn of Chinese imports. China has already placed retaliatory tariffs on some American imports in response to the first wave of ‘Trump Tariffs’ (yes, they even have their own page on…

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Posted 09 Jul, 2018 | By Chris Page

Where’s all the CO2?

So, how are we all? Rather warm isn’t it? Lets start by inviting you to travel back in time to June 2016, to the day after the Brexit referendum. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, campaigning in the US Presidential election is in full swing. You are offered two glimpses into the future. The first is that two years on, the UK has apparently made no real progress in the Brexit negotiations. The second is that Donald Trump has been elected President and…

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Posted 08 Jun, 2018 | By Chris Page

Vanilla Sky (high)

Looking back to the first few days of May, the Royal Bank of Scotland was announcing plans to close 162 high street branches in the UK, Facebook said it was going to launch a dating service and, in Europe, there were rumours of a final, final (and this time they really meant it) deal on Greek debt. The real news came right at the end of May with political crises in Spain and Italy – with the Italian one threatening…

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