Posted 06 Dec, 2017 | By Chris Page

Golf, anyone?

Happy December one and all, lets see what last month brought us… November was a relatively disappointing month for world stock markets, with the majority of the markets we look at losing ground in the month. However, the largest fall was just 3% so there were no real disasters. Pride of place went to the Dow Jones index in the US, which was up by 4% in the month as the President toured the Far East, intent on doing ever…

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Posted 17 Nov, 2017 | By Chris Page

What will be in the Autumn Budget?

Following the final ‘Spring Budget’ delivered earlier this year; the Chancellor Philip Hammond is now set to deliver his second budget, which is indeed the first ‘Autumn Budget’ (please don’t ask me why this has all been changed). Mr. Hammond’s speech on the 22nd November follows an underwhelming performance at the Conservative Party Conference last month, as well as delivering the first major set of financial plans from Theresa May’s new look government. So, what can we expect? Reports indicate…

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Posted 10 Nov, 2017 | By Chris Page

Trump is finally popular!

What’s the saying? ‘Close, but no cigar’. That’s how it was in October as all but two of the markets we cover rose in the month, with only Brazil and Russia letting the side down. While the stock markets were having a good month, the Brexit talks were having (another) stagnant month. Having been to Florence in late September, Mrs May then went and pressed the flesh in Brussels, but the warm words soon gave way to more bickering about the…

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Posted 23 Oct, 2017 | By Chris Page

It’s not too late

First rule…don’t panic! Neglecting to start your retirement savings until you reach your fifties would not so long ago have been considered leaving matters far too late! Previous generations saw building a pension as something to do over an entire career… Making contributions throughout your working life, coupled with investment growth being the only way to ensure a substantial retirement pot. After all, it is to provide for you throughout your whole retirement. However, whilst compound returns still mean that anything put away at the…

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